A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The story begins centuries ago, in a town where silver travels thru everything and everyone. The town was safe for many years, everything was due to the entity of Pastaghi who now sleeps waiting for the next battle.

The town received an unexpected visit from the monsters who took over the old mine shafts, they demanded the town's silver; after the townspeople refused, they took it by force.

The entity of Pastaghi, warrior of many battles. Now it journeys thru the mine shafts fighting each and every monster in it's path, retrieving every silver coin the monsters stole.

Each mine shaft level has a structure similar to an electric circuit, go thru every level fighting the monsters in it. The town needs a hero, are you the one to save them?

Made by Sight Cel, a 2D action-adventure game. Each monster and their movement are inspired by an electric component while having their own original move-set. figure out what technique works better for you to defeat them and bring justice to the town.

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m o n s t e r s    y o u ' l l    e n c o u n t e r    o n    y o u r    j o u r n e y :

          T H E   D I O D E :
Keep your attacks well timed and spaced because this monster can block them with a shield. The attacks will only be effective if you hit the body of the monster.

          T H E   R E S I S T O R :
If you can move your eyes independently, this is your time to shine. This duo crawls up walls while throwing rocks at you, the walls can close in and out, so watch out.

          T H E   I N D U C T O R :
Watch where you aim your attack because this monster floats around the room, it bounces on the mine shaft's walls and throws acid projectiles at every direction.

          T H E   C A P A C I T O R :
Don't get close to this one, it hold acid on it's stomach then it vomits uncontrollably. Keep your eyes open when it vomits upwards because the acid will rain down on you.

          T H E   L I G H T B U L B :
Don't get too attached to the floor, this monster can teleport to a random point of the room. Watch out for the light beam because it tracks you constantly.

          T H E   J U N C T I O N   K E E P E R :
After it catches you trespassing the mine shafts, it battles you. Keep an eye on each one of it's three heads because it can attack you from everywhere.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorSight Cel
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
TagsAction-Adventure, Dark, Difficult, Monsters, papeero, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


Pastaghi (1.0.2) - Linux.zip 64 MB
Pastaghi (1.0.2) - Mac.app.zip 60 MB
Pastaghi (1.0.2) - Windows.zip 58 MB
Pastaghi (1.0.2) - Windows32.zip 55 MB

Install instructions

After the download, open the game by executing the file named "Pastaghi"

Development log


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still an amazing game though

Grrr... I hate that diode... but very nifty game with a cool theme, 6.7/10.

Does this game have an ending?


Yes, you need to go thru all 3 floors of the mineshaft to get it.


I am a designer and I liked the work done in the game pastaghi, I would like to contact you, form a partnership of developer in a project of mine, how can I contact you directly ?

Sorry. I'm not currently looking for a new project, I already have many games I'm working on right now. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.


(1 edit)

Great game. loved the theme. completed it in one go, but I would like to add that the leveling was a bit hard to understand at first and also i didnt understand that when you lost you continued and didnt restart. i would also like to add that the junction was a bit too easy so maybe you should make him a bit harder and there isn't a harder difficulty so for that I would recommend giving less health to the player in the harder difficulty. overall its a great game and I cant wait for more of your games.

When you lose, you don't get to collect the silver coins. I've seen many players struggling even with all the giving health, but maybe i'll reduce it.

Glad you liked it, more games coming soon!

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Glad you liked it!

cool game


Glad you liked it!


Glad you liked it!

wonk physics


noice :


best game ever i feel like i buyed this on steam i love this game

Glad you liked it!

Really good. Raced it with 2 of my friends we enjoyed it a lot.

But we were confused cause i died redid it and I won but they had to do like 3 cycles even though they were winning a lot more than me.

When you lose a battle you still continue to the next one, the only difference is when you win, you collect the silver coins aswell.

Yeah but the weird part is that he was always winning he was very good but it just kept going and going. He doesn’t like many games but this one really surprised him. One of the best i’ve found on itch.

And the controls sometimes don't work like if you press too many things theres one point where it doesn't let you jump.


There's a bug when you go down a platform, you sometimes get stuck and you're not able to jump until you hit another ground.

Oh ok that makes sense.

Glad you liked it!

Отличная игра. Я надеюсь, что в будущем появится еще больше контента, пока его конечно маловато. Отдельно хочу выделить, что мне понравилась идея индивидуализации каждого босса. Приходится вырабатывать тактику под каждого из них. Из интересного еще креативное решение реализации уровней в виде микросхем. В общем плане - 10/10

Glad you liked it! there are no current plans to add much more content into this game, but there are tons of new games in the making!

I lost my index finger, overall, very good game!


Haha, Glad you liked it!

Very nice not smol game

Find isch auch


The graphics are the best part of the game. I decided to download it as soon as I saw the thumbnail. Waoh

Glad you like them!

good m

Графика шикарна! Когда я увидел это оформление сайта с кислотной палитрой, то сразу захотел скачать игру.

Glad you liked it!

why not just make a 32bit version, its not that much work even

I'll make the 32 bit version available for the next update.


Muy buen juego, es muy divertido para pasar el rato. Lo único que no me gustó es que no tiene una barra de progreso, entonces, me comencé a cansar casi llegando al final, porque no sabía cuánto me quedaba de juego, aún así es un juego 10/10. Mi puntuación fue de 5573.

Que bueno que te gustó!

Great game ngl


Glad you liked it!

it's all thanks to you for making a good game :P


Glad you liked it!

Está increíble. Se entienden fácilmente los controles, además que están Bien explicados, sin olvidar el apartado visual, lo que es muy bueno. 

Un buen juego :)


Que bueno que te gustó!

Que buen juego, al principio es complicado, pero luego de un rato se torna entretenido, los dibujos y las dinamicas son muy buenas. Espero que sigas haciendo juegos. 


Que bueno que te gustó! Claro que , se estará haciendo más juegos.


Glad you liked it!


oh, amigo este juego es demasiado bonito.Los colores,dibujos, y historia 😊es bonito

Que bueno que te gustó!

very hard, can't beat even one enemy. the controls are very clunky. please add gamepad support.

Interesante me gustó el juego, me hubiese gustado tener una especie de progresión rpg o al comienzo pero mas alla de eso es interesante! les dejo el gameplay que hice :3


Que bueno que te gustó!

hey man, might wanna check this out.


the same dev has a page for wayward harbor too.  it is said to contain a virus.



Thank you, i'm going to see what i can do!

Wow, 😲 awesome….


Glad you liked it!

Yeah! Of course, it’s awesome 😎…

(1 edit)

Hey! I loved this game, the style, the way of fighting, the monsters, however. I think the game could be a bit harder! Maybe by us having less lives, furthermore when the screen says the junction keeper caught you tresspassing, Junction is spelled wrong o-o it says Juction in the game (I think). But overall amazing game and can't wait for you to make more. Oh yeah, i've played a lot of cuphead in my time and I think that really helped me defeat this game without any deaths! :D.


Yeah, i know. I personally like playing difficult games, i too have a lot of practice in Cuphead. The reason i put in a ton of health points is to make the game more "accessible" to people, so they can have a good time playing the game.

In the future i'll make difficult games (more than this one), but i'll put difficulty options to even things out. This was just a small school project, so i didnt have the time.

Maaaaan! That game is hard! I'm never going to play it again! Not because of it is being a bad game, but because I'm a LAME gamer LOL!

Honestly, I think I won't ever be able of playing such games.


Well, thank you for playing anyways. We've made other games you can check out, they are more slow-paced compared to this one. Feel free to check them out!

Sure thing, Papeero! Thanks for sharing this news and for watching the video :D Hope you keep doing them, you have a looong future ahead :D


We'll keep making more games, i hope you find something you like. Thank you!

Hello, Papeero, I liked Pastaghi's game, I would like you to create another one divided into chapters, long, with good music, and of course entertaining because all your games are fantastic, and with a hair music, I would like you to create a game like that, please . One more thing I also try to create a video game but I don't have much space, I would like you to collaborate with me so that you can help me create it. Thank you, I hope you continue creating games like this: D

Mostrar menos

There are no current plans to make a sequel to Pastaghi, this was just a small school proyect. Maybe in the future we'll see more of this, who knows!

Here are some tips for you to start creating games:

  • Start making something small.
  • Watch tutorials, use what you learned and create something cool.
  • Add interesting and original things to your game.
  • Publish your game.
  • And of course, have fun!

Control setup was a bit awkward for me. I can never get the hang of platformers that use mouse clicks as an attack button. As a future upgrade it might be nice to have the ability to rebind the controls to keyboard buttons and/or add controller support.


You can also use the keyboard ("M" to attack and "K" to get your knifes back). The mouse is the only one displayed because most people feel more comfortable using them instead of only the keyboard.

Personally, i use the keyboard.

(2 edits)

appreciate you putting this comment here. You should put these keys in the options/tutorial. Since the mouse direction has no real impact on the knife throwing, it's frustrating to use the mouse. Also allowing "up" or "w" to be jump would be amazing.

Great game and art style!

The "Up" and "W" buttons are already in use, you can change the direction you throw the knifes, in this case : upwards.

Oh sweet! I'll give it another shot.

I had a great time playing it and would definitely like to check out more of Papeero's games in the future.

Glad you liked it, you can check out more of our games by clicking "View all" on the top-right corner, hope you enjoy them!

More games coming soon!

Hi! How could i contant the dev. team? do you have a business email?

Here you go : papeerocommunity@gmail.com

Thank you so much!



HAD NO PERSONALITY, I FELT LIKE I WAS FIGHTING THE SAME ENEMY WITH A SLIGHTLY DIFFRENT LOOK, IT WOULD BE BETTER IF YOU JUST COMBINED ALL THE ENEMYS INTO ONE BIG BOSS. When i hover over things in the menu or take damage i am not 100% sure if i am on point, it makes a good prototype but it lacks in gameplay 

The enemies have no personality because they are just "monsters", the difference between them are their attacks.

I'll put in a small flash when the player gets damaged and also a small scale-up when you hover the buttons.

Done, feel free to download the new version of the game!


It has so much potential. The artwork in conjunction with unity's post-processing creates a very unique art-style. The walk animation seem alive and bouncy.

My main critique is player feedback. It's difficult to tell when you lose a life or damage an enemy. Apart from that, I can see this prototype getting into something bigger

I'll put in a small flash when the player gets damaged. This game was made for a school project, that's the reason it doesn't have much to work as a game itself and feels more like a prototype for something bigger.

Glad you liked it!

Done, feel free to download the new version of the game!

Cheers! Good luck on future projects!

Thank you!

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